A poem for World Poetry Day

Sometimes I miss Those black and white days When we were young And choices were easy. When monsters lived Beneath bridges or beds And could be banished By the flick of a light Or a brave billy goat gruff. I miss those days When good was good and right was right And heroes always won […]

A Celebration of Female Authors

  First things first – happy motherflipping International Women’s Day to all the ladies out there! In celebration of all things female and awesome, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite women authors. Homegrown Heroes  Let’s kick things off with a visit to the motherland and talk about Louise O’Neill, who is probably […]

Happy World Book Day! And a Readers’ Manifesto

Happy World Book Day! The most wonderful time of the year for bookworms and an excuse to celebrate reading and literacy (as if we needed an excuse). It’s now in its 20th year which makes me feel super old because I remember when it started, but also, quite proud that a day that specifically celebrates […]

The Children’s Books that Changed Me

Another oldie from a long forgotten blog. This was originally written in early 2015 I believe. * * * Those that know me know it’s no secret that I love wildly age-inappropriate reads. I have long made peace with the fact that I am a fully grown woman who is just as likely to pick […]

Dear Mr. Potter

I’m currently trying to import all the bookish things I’ve written in various different places. So here’s a little nugget I wrote around 6 years ago for a friend’s blog to help promote the Harry Potter conference she was running. * * * Dear Mr. Potter, When I turned fifteen, I received a book of fantasy artwork […]

Ghost Story Time!

It’s October!! My favourite time of year! I’m aware this is not at all original and most people tend to say autumn is their favourite season, but I swear for me it really is! I despise summer. I hate feeling hot and sweaty. I loathe strappy tops and shorts and slathering on gallons of suncream […]